If you are looking for a place where your child can learn self-control, and discipline mixed with a sense of belonging and confidence, then you may have found the perfect place for your child. Or yourself, for that matter!

Our son, Jayden, started with Samjae Taekwondo back in September of 2015. Initially we signed him up because it seemed like a good extracurricular activity for him, and the location was perfect, as were the class hours offered. Now, looking back, we have gained so much more than I ever thought possible from this Taekwondo family. When Jayden joined, he was timid, anxious, and he lacked self-confidence when it came to believing in his athletic abilities. Today, the confidence he has developed in Mr. Crocker’s program shows in so many aspects of his life! He has found his voice and speaks up when he has something to say, because he truly believes his opinion counts. Becoming part of a team, learning perseverance, self-confidence, and feeling a sense of belonging in Samjae Taekwondo has really brought out the best in Jayden. Mr. Crocker finds a perfect balance in providing a disciplined, yet positive and welcoming atmosphere. He is patient and firm, and provides an insight for children, on the importance of respecting others. Samjae Taekwondo truly provides an outstanding environment and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something more!


My daughter has been attending Samjae Taekwondo for a couple of years and is a blue belt. In this time she has become more determined and focused. Her confidence and focus, physical conditioning have all improved. Mr. Crocker is excellent and patient but firm and always maintaining high standards. We are looking forward to many years with Samjae Taekwondo.


Our son Saxon has enjoyed your Taekwondo and we feel he has gotten a lot out of it. I would recommend your classes to any parent. I want to thank you for being a wonderful instructor.   You and your family are a great asset to the kids of Newfoundland.