Do you want your child to succeed in Life?

They’ll need self-confidence, discipline, a good work ethic and a foundation of respect for themselves, and others. 

We can help them achieve that.

At Samjae Taekwondo we understand that being a parent or guardian today is hard. Work, school, homework, errands, chores, housework, afterschool activities… the list goes on and on. The demands are overwhelming.

We can make your life easier.

When your child or teen is doing our program, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they’re being active and developing the tools they’ll need to succeed in life.

We can help you be better too.

Adults who stay physically active tend to be much healthier and feel better than those who are not. But repetitive gym exercise is boring. Taekwondo isn’t. With us you’ll stay active, learn new skills and meet new people in a friendly, respectful environment.

You don’t have to be a fighter. Samjae Taekwondo is for everyone – even you.

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